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Maximum Elasticity Ring - Med

Our Price: $30.00
Item ##16-55
Osbon Specialty Ring - Maximum Elasticity Ring
Also called a Grey Ring - D size.
Medium, Maximum Elasticity, Grey in Colour.  Falls in between Level Two and Three on our ring tension chart. To see the chart, click here: Ring-Tension-Chart.PDF
Uniquely designed and patented by Osbon.  The best tension rings available on the market.  The unique shape provides maximum comfort, with a "U" notch at the base, and two pressure points at the top.  Perfectly designed for the male anatomy.
Beige rings are of a standard tension, whilst Pink rings are a high tension.  Each ring is identified with the appropriate identifying letter (A, B, C or D).  Some men find that they need less tension than the beige or pink rings can offer, so the Grey Rings can be the solution.  Grey rings are available in both the Large (B) size and the Medium size (D).  They are basically looser than the beige rings.
When purchasing a complete ErecAid System, all 4 rings are included (A, B, C and D).  These rings vary in both size and tension.  A and B are Large diameter (.875 of an inch internal diameter), and C and D are Medium diameter (.750 of an inch internal diameter).  Grey Rings are not provided in the standard kit when ordering an ErecAid System.
If you need a tighter tension, try a B Ring.  
If you need a looser ring, try a C Ring.
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