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ErecAid System - Esteem Battery

Our Price: $754.00
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The ErecAid Esteem Battery System is the similar to the Esteem Manual System, but instead of the lever hand pump, it has a push button and is battery operated.
This model is usually purchased by men with limited manual dexterity, who aren't confident about their ability to squeeze the simple hand lever with the manual models.  This model is suitable for men with chronic arthritis, parkinson's disease, hand or arm injury, or spinal injury.
The streamlined design means that it requires one hand to operate, leaving the other hand free to release the tension ring off the base of the cylinder.  
The Esteem Battery Model comes with a specifically designed ring-loading mechanism.  The ring loader is a cone shaped device which fits onto the end of the cylinder.  The tension ring is then placed over the top of this cone, and the lid then goes over the top, and is pushed down.  This automatically loads the ring, rather than having to stretch the tension ring onto the cylinder with fingers and thumbs.
The ErecAid Esteem Battery System has a lifetime warranty, 90 day money back guarantee, and telephone support from our technical team on 1800 635 189, toll free, Australia Wide.
Also included, are 4 varying tension rings (A, B, C, D); one tube of the Osbon Water-based Lubricant; a User Guide; Instructional DVD, 3xAA batteries all in a convenient zip/carry bag for storage and transportation.
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