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ErecAid System - Classic Manual

Our Price: $450.00
Item ##XX-02
The Classic Manual System is the original model which was created by Osbon, and is still quite confidently sold both in Australia and the USA.
This system is the cheapest in cost, but just as effective as the other models.The system comes complete with one Lever Style hand pump; one cylinder; four varying tension rings (A, B, C and D); one tube of the Osbon Water Based Lubricant; a User Guide and instructional DVD.  
The Classic System differs from the ErecAid Esteem systems in two ways:
  1. It does not have a ring-loading mechanism.  You will need to have enough manual dexterity to stretch the quite firm tension rings onto the end of the cylinder with fingers and thumbs. For this reason, we do not recommend the Classic System for men with chronic arthritis; Parkinson's disease or spinal injury; and
  2. It is a two-handed operation.  One hand holds the hand pump, and the other holds the cylinder firmly against the body.  This in itself, does not present a problem, you just have to, at some point, be near a table/ bed/ vanity unit in order to put the hand pump down, so that you have one hand free to release the tension ring off the end of the cylinder.
Many of our customers on a limited budget choose this option.Customers are still supported by our technicians on our toll free number, and our 90 day money back guarantee.
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